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Case Analysis on Xerox (Hong Kong)

Xerox Hong Kong (XHK), is a loosely controlled subsidiary of the U.S. owned Xerox company. The Fortune 500 company has had a long history that included market domination and a turn-around that earned them three quality awards.

However, in 1997, the division was in flux due to new management hired from outside the company. The newest sales director was looking to make some changes and move from a paper-intensive Sales activity management (PSAM) process to a paperless PSAM.

The General Accounts (GA) division consisted mainly of non-degree holding salespeople. This team was the focal point to the sales effort and the ability to finesse information internally and externally through the system were critical success factors. They worked with paper forms that went internally throughout the company and had high potential for human error. Account information was not held consistently, staff fluctuated biyearly, and expectations to go on visits and attend meetings were held high.

Technology usage was inconsistent at best. The internal contractor Automated Information Services (AIS) was unable to start new projects due to their lack of process understanding and maintenance to a failing system. Spreadsheets and other utilities were custom built by tech-savvy managers in some cases. Printers and computers in the office were scarce. Data entry was view only for XHK and data input was handled by one person and backlogged for a year.

A paperless SAMP was being considered as a potential solution to the woes of XHK. However, it faced a few hurdles, including a change-resistant management, technologically challenged staff, disruptive to currently paper methodology, and a team that was antagonistic.

According to Joseph Yu, sales director for XHK, he felt that the paperless SAMP would result in a leaner and consistent team. Collaborative development and form error checking would also be cost savings.

It would be best for...