Ethics and Moral Ethics in Busines

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Ethical and Moral Issues in Business


March 14, 2011

Ethical and Moral Issues in Business

Ethics and morals are words that individuals use interchangeably regarding behavior and the interaction with humanity. Ethics is an individual’s personal principles or rules of behavior. People conduct themselves in different ways because each individual possesses his or her own personal morals. Everyone is faced with ethical and moral issues every day. In this paper, the subjects to discuss are the differences between ethical and moral issues, explain the differences between personal and business ethics and provide examples of each.

Ethical issues and Moral issues

Both moral and ethical issues arise in people’s life every day. The difference between ethical and moral issues is a person’s personality and behavior based on his or her surroundings. A moral issue encompasses important judgment about human conduct. An ethical issue involves the choice among substitutions that need to be determined to either be right or wrong. Ethical issues define a person’s compliance with good morals and actions. Simple good ethics may include not lying, honesty, assisting the public, abide the laws, or doing what is right in the principles of society.


A moral and ethical issue may exist with obeying or disobeying the law. Ethically, a person should do the right thing and abide by all laws. The laws exist for maintaining order and penalty exist for those people who choose to disobey. However, there are certain situations that may lead a person to disobey these laws. For example, a person is in need of immediate life or death medical attention. A person may choose to disobey the speed limits, therefore breaking the law. Ethically, a person should not break the law; however, a person may make a moral choice of disobeying the law because of the circumstances.

Personal ethics and Business ethics

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