Man or Money?

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Man or Money?

When we look around us, what do we see? In our society, we usually see couples, whether young or old. But what is it that women really need from men, their love or money? For me, it’s just wonderful to hear a woman tell her man that he is a strong firm tree and that she is the vine, clung to him. She depends on him for her survival in life. But as the world changes, the ideas of women today are different from those of the women before. They used to speak nice words about their men, expressing how much they admire and need them. Instead, women curse, saying how worthless men are because they only need men most for money and security.

In my opinion, the new ideas of women nowadays is somehow ironic because their ideas which were thought be right were surprisingly proven wrong by the lesson in the story entitled “Federigo’s Falcon.” In the story, a married woman named Monna Giovanna, the most elegant lady in Florence, had a suitor who was willing to sacrifice anything just to gain her attention. However, she paid no attention to her suitor named Federigo, even when knowing the fact that he was willing to give up anything for her. She ignored him because she would rather choose to be with a rich husband than to live with a poor man like Federigo. After being rejected, Federigo was so devastated that he lost everything he had except his only cherished possession, a falcon. As Monna Giovanna’s husband fell ill and died, she became a widow who lived in an estate with only a son to take care of. Unexpectedly, her son fell sick and requested his mother to get Federigo’s falcon for him because this was the only treatment that can heal him. The mother, who was willing to do anything for his son, visited Federigo without being invited. Federigo who wanted to please her so much cooked his only possession, the falcon, to serve it as dinner for her. To her great surprise, she found out about the falcon and in the end, her son died. Later, she decided to make a...