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Business Proposal: Existing Good Paper

Monica Benefield

ECO 561

October 31, 2011

Kathleen Crump

Business Proposal: Existing Good Paper

Thomas Money Service, Inc.

Thomas Money Service, Inc. has been providing small loans to consumers since the 1940s. During that time Thomas Money Service, Inc. has amplified its business to include the servicing of business loans, business acquisition financing, and commercial real estate loans.

In 1946 the company has decided to finance forestry and construction equipment. The decision proved to be very profitable and resulted in Thomas Money Service, Inc. the establishment of Future Growth Inc. (FGI). Consequently FGI also experienced an immense demand for equipment allowing FGI the capability to purchase its own equipment manufacturing company. This allowed FGI to sell, build, and finance its own equipment. For 67 years FGI’s business venture went well (University of Phoenix, 2011). This paper will show in detail how Thomas Money Service Inc.’s will increase revenue, achieve ideal production levels, determine how fixed and erratic costs should be adjusted to maximize profit, and categorize methods to reduce costs.

Because of the decline in the economy, this has driven Thomas Money Service, Inc. to seek methods, which will boost profit, and help preserve market share. The company is currently affected by the downturn in the homebuilding industry related to the falling of the economy. To offset the negative impact of the downturn of the homebuilding industry, Thomas Money Service is looking to identify other industries, which have not been affected by the economic conditions. Thomas Money Service, Inc. along with the addition of FGI experienced many years of continual growth even with the current economic conditions. Until the last year of business, they have experienced continuing growth and development in the construction and forestry industry. During this last year, the economic conditions have caused...