Currys Market Analysis and Strategy

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Table of contents

Introduction 2

Summary 2

SWOT- analysis 3

Weaknesses to strengths 3

Threats to opportunities 4

Marketing Mix 5

Recommendations and strategy 6

Human Resources 6

E-commerce and logistic system 6

Products 8

Customer service 8

Advertisement 8

Conclusion 8


The group of consultants has carried out a research and created a report, ordered by John Browett, CEO of DSGi, on Currys current situation and methods of its improvement. A lot of work was done to look into problems of Currys, such as SWOT- analysis, Marketing Mix analysis, overview of the market and visitation of Currys stores in London and Guildford. Results of these methods will be presented in the “Summary” part of this work, while recommendations for further actions will be given in “Recommendations and strategy” part.


The biggest British electrical retailer DSGi, which includes Currys and PC world has been recently facing serious problems which led to closing of 77 stores in order to cut £50m costs. British retail business is becoming incredibly competitive. Every year new aggressive retail chains enter the UK market, and DSGi group suffers loss of sales all over Europe. Also, its shares tend to rattle down (the last significant drop was 9%, which wiped nearly £100m off the company’s value).

John Browett, new CEO outlined crucial company’s problems: stocking the wrong range of products and poorly trained staff. However, our consultancy group strongly believes that these two points are too general and that is clear Currys suffers a wide range of weaknesses, which will be shown further in SWOT analysis.

City analysts pointed out that profits of DSGi are falling down. For instance, Marks and Spencer has a similar turnover which shows almost £1bn profit, while DSGi makes only £200m (Julia Finch, the Guardian, 2008).

The objective of our work is implementation of an effective and creative marketing strategy, which will cover...