Mgmt 221 Information Technology - Activity 12.6 Module Review

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Activity 12.6 Module Review

1. How might cultural, political, or geo-economics challenges affect a global company’s use of the Internet? Give several examples.

Through the use of the Internet, companies are now able to offer their goods and services throughout the world. The traditional methods of doing business at home in domestic markets has changed dramatically. Not only has the Internet opened up the floodgates of International marketing, it has also brought with it many other challenges such as cultural, political, and geoeconomic challenges. In order to be successful in these global markets, companies must be very diligent in ensuring that they take note of the many aspects involved in these three challenges. They must be able to develop global E-business IT strategies and mange global E-business application portfolios, Internet technologies, platforms, databases, and systems development projects.

Political challenges involve rules regulating or prohibiting transfer of data across national boundaries; restrictions laws restrict, tax, or prohibit imports of hardware and software; local content laws; and reciprocal trade agreements.

Geoeconomic challenges involve dealing with physical distances; 24 time zones; telephone and telecommunications services; job skills; and differences in the cost of living and labor costs.

Cultural challenges include differences in languages, cultural interests, religions, customs, social attitudes, and political philosophies, differences in work styles and business relationships.

2. Will the increasing use of the Internet by firms with global business operations change their move toward a transnational business strategy? Explain.

There appears to be no doubt that the increasing use of the Internet by firms with global operations will result in changing their move...