Building an Access Control System

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Assignment 1: Building an Access Control System

CIS 210

Professor Daniel Martin

April 22, 2012

Jessica Hill

A recent trend amongst colleges and universities is to integrate student IDs with access control systems. This is part of a larger effort to increase overall campus security. The threat of violence and criminal activity on college campuses is an unfortunate reality, one that has to be taken very seriously. Many schools are re-evaluating their current security systems, exploring more effective video surveillance equipment as well as more secure and functional ID card solutions ( This document describes the systems level requirements for implementation of an Access Control System (ACS) in a college dormitory. This document provides specific requirements for transitioning a deployed ACS to support the security measures of a college dormitory with an existing security camera system and enabling user credentials with the student ID. In this paper, I will describe the project scope, provide a Gantt chart for all tasks/subtasks, and include a system diagram to illustrate the equipment and connections required for this project.

The Scope Statement is an essential element of any project. Project managers use a Scope Statement to outline the results their project which will produce and the terms and conditions under which they will perform their work.

Outlined Project Scope for installing (ACS):

* Admissions admin enter student data in server. The server is where the systems are managed.

* Enroll users (enter student name, current status, SSN, pin, etc.)

* Configure server to maintain status of users, privileges, door attributes, policies and logs.

* Update Student ID Cards to be read by the scanner to validate student credentials.

* Embed the 4 digit code in the magnetic strip of the student’s ID.

* Update/install coding to the control panel for decision maker roles.

* Install door policy code by...