Access Control System Project

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Definitions 3

Components of an access control system: 3

Technical requirements 4

A. Software 4

B. Hardware 5

C. Typical connection diagrams 7

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Access control system is an integrated solution that consists of hardware and software designed to control entry into selected areas and manage movement of people/vehicles within. The system is designed to increase security by defining access permissions based on area and time for each user and maintaining a log of all events.

Components of an access control system:

Software: Used to adjust all parameters of the system, control hardware, display events related to movement of users, alarms, and operation of hardware devices. The software is also used for storing all events in the database and generating reports based on requirements defined by an operator.

Electromechanical hardware:

- Electric locks

- Parking barriers and garage gates

- Turnstiles

Electronic hardware:

- Controllers: receive settings from software and control the electromechanical hardware of the system.

- Contactless readers: read unique numbers of identification cards/tags and forwards the numbers to controllers.

- Fingerprint readers: scan fingerprint images, compare them with the templates stored in the internal reader database (or on a smart card) and send the verification results to controllers.

System users:

- Operators: responsible for administrating the system, creating new users, issuing cards and performing other regular daily tasks.

- Installers: responsible for installing, programming, maintaining and troubleshooting the system.

- Users: regular staff of the company, with permanent or long-term ID cards (or PINs), who use the system to gain access to certain building areas as configured by operators.

- Visitors: people that are not employed by the end-user company, but still have rights to access certain areas...