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Memory Artifact Progress Report – “Memory and Aging”

My topic is a research-based topic which lies around and idea of “Memory and Aging”. Diogo Monteiro has a very similar topic to mine so we have agreed to work as a team for the memory artifact presentation. We have agreed that our memory artifact will be a Prezi presentation of these two topics: “Consequences of people who experiences memory loss”, and “Memory and time perception while aging”. This progress report on the memory artifact project will explain why and how we have reached this conclusion along with possible roadblocks that we have faced.

Because our topic, “Memory and aging” is rather broad, we narrowed the topic down to only the consequences of those who experienced memory loss. However, to make the artifact project more interesting, we have also chosen to place emphasis on memory and time perception while aging. This boils down to two topics in our memory artifact proposal, “Consequences of people who experiences memory loss”, and “Memory and time perception while aging”.

On the “Consequences of people who experiences memory loss”, the topic will explore different possible positive and negative consequences of those who experience memory loss. The conclusion we have drawn is a possible combination of consequences-regret, sad, enjoyable, willing to forget etc. On “Memory and time perception while aging”, the topic will explore how memory affects our perception of time while an individual ages. This is a very unique topic and the conclusion drawn is that while we age, our time perception seems to get faster. The reason behind it is that the built-in memory process tends to decrease as an individual ages due to the fact that everything an individual encounter is a “usual” event that they have already seen multiple times. These two topics require research in a psychological field so our topics are thus in the psychological research category. We have chosen a written and visual communication...