Riordan Manufacturing: Service Request Sr-Rm-001

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Riordan Manufacturing is a company focused on producing a strong product in plastic goods and having a good relationship with the consumer. Riordan Manufacturing has had a tremendous amount of growth and is now in four locations spanning the globe; San Jose, CA, Albany, CA, Pontiac, MI, and Hangzhou, China. Such is the case with most companies hitting growth periods, at Riordan Manufacturing, the company is in need of continuing to build upon and improve in all areas of quality production. Team A will single out the need for improvement at Riordan Manufacturing in areas of inventory and manufacturing, identify systems designed to improve the processes, and produce a flow chart in order to simply the process.

The inventory process of Riordan Manufacturing has much room for improvement. Much time is spent by the inventory clerk manually inputting data and the data may not be updated until the next day or days later. The manual input of data leaves room for human error. An automated system of tracking inventory would allow the employees to view real-time inventory and would also be cost effective by saving on labor costs as well as a reduction in overstocked inventory.

Like the Inventory process, the manufacturing process of Riordan is in need of an upgrade. The receiving practices at Riordan are not sufficient. The receiving area supervisor relies on paper forms to confirm if materials are received. The inventory clerk manually inputs the forms into the system. Another problem is the system of taking orders can only be done by phone, fax, or through a sales representative. The orders are then manually entered into the sales order program which could lead to potential backorders and being unable to track orders.

Efficient inventory records are essential for a company's success in reducing loss prevention deficits. The current inventory system Riordan uses is no longer effective. Riordan’s current practice requires an inventory clerk to manually enter the...