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Sample OB Assignment Question:

How influential is Scientific Management in the 21st Century?

Introduction 1:

According to management theory scientific management is a method that determines changes in a work place to improve labour production.

Nowadays there are many organisations in the industry. These include hospitals, manufacturing plants work places, and restaurants and so on. Due to the application of scientific management most organisations function more effectively. Methods of scientific management were in place in 100 years ago but no-one would think that, as the methods seem common and straight forward.

Even though scientific management plays an important role in the 21st century and has many advantages, like any other method scientific management also has weaknesses that may limit its influence in an organisation or working environment. Scientific management is an evolutionary stage which has developed over the years.

In my essay I will outline the principles of scientific management, the strengths and weaknesses of scientific management and the impact of scientific management in different modern organisations in the 21st century.

Tutor comments: A clear Introduction with an outline of the essay. The definition could be clearer for scientific management, but a

mark of 7 out of 10.

Introduction 2:

There are many examples of Scientific Management in the 21st Century which we can find easily; the work environments we go to everyday and work in, the car and computer industry plants, the hospitals and clinics we attend for diagnosis and treatment and even restaurants we enjoy eating in, all of them operate more efficiently due to the application of Scientific Management.

In this essay I intend to discuss in detail the main objectives and principles of the scientific management and how it met the needs of its historical background and what are the effects of the scientific management in the 21st century in spite of all the criticisms...