A Scientific Management: a Classical Approach in Modern Context

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Scientific Management:

A Classical Approach in Modern Context

1. Introduction

This paper is to evaluate the statement saying that “Scientific management is no longer valid as management theory”. First the meaning, brief history, and interpretation of scientific management will be discussed, followed by the implementation in the modern context. There will be five main areas that will be discussed, which are: job description and task; employee selection, recruitment, and development (training); performance management and productivity; motivation and rewards; regulation and standardization. These areas will be described with examples, implementation of scientific management on each, and the differences in implementation between last time and today’s environment.

Scientific management, although was formed many years back, is still widely used and implemented in today’s modern context of business activities. The validity is there, although the implementation is not hundred percent the same like last time during Taylor’s time. Today’s business is more flexible and agile to changes due to the forces from external environment, such as competitors, suppliers, new substitute products, and consumers. The answer to the main question is that: scientific management is still valid as management theory, as it is proven to be still widely used in today’s business activities.

The main purpose of this research is to validate the implementation of scientific management in modern context, because it then shows that scientific management has a useful and meaningful pattern that can be used despite of time and place (Fleischmann, 2000). The theory covers big important areas that cannot be disregarded or even supplemented by other theories. Other theories can work hand in hand with scientific management but still, even only a little percentage, it is still valid and useful. The approach of this research is by giving valid example and empirical evidence from real...