Developing a Performance Appraisal System

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Developing a Performance Appraisal System

HSM 220

Kawther Sayage

Due 02/05/2012

Zakia Robbins

Appraisal systems are important within an organization because they provide information to the employees about their past performances by giving feedback, provide a list of areas that the employee needs to be trained in, keep record on the criteria used to give rewards within the organization, decide who deserves a pay raise, promotion, or discipline, and give a report of what the organization needs to work on to have a better development. The appraisals not only give feedback on what the employee is doing and how they could use help, it also facilitates communication between the employee and the administrator. The performance appraisal also makes sure that the techniques used by Human Resources are valid and follow the federal Equal Employment Opportunity requirements. (1987)

Since all organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves, appraisal systems are a great way to achieve this desire. When employees are provided with a description of feedback that explains how they are doing and what they should be doing differently, it allows them to have the chance to improve their skills to better the organization. Most employees won’t be the best they can without a reward system, so using the performance appraisal also brings awareness to the administrators on who deserves a pay raise or promotion which will cause the employees to work and go that extra mile to achieve the extra amenities that come with working hard.

Appraisal systems that are effective are very well thought out. The management should be involved so that everyone knows they have visible support. Also, there should be expectations for the company’s appraisal system. The expectations should consider the needs of the people who are evaluating, the people being evaluated, the...