Topology Advantages and Disadvantages

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Types of Topologies

Bus Topology - the server is at one end, and the client PCs (devices) are connected at different points or positions along the network. All signals pass through each of the devices. Each device has a unique identity and can recognize those signals intended for it. It is easy and simple to design and implement.

Ring Topology - a simple design and consists of a single cable that forms the main data path in the shape of a ring. Each device is connected to a closed loop of cable. Signals travel in one direction from one node to all other nodes around the loop.

Mesh Topology - is a variation of the bus, in which all devices are connected to one another in a daisy-chain fashion, as opposed to connecting in sequence to a single network cable. Each node is capable of transmitting, receiving, and routing data.

Star Topology - This is a form of LAN architecture is which nodes on a network are connected to a common central hub or switch, and this is done by the use of dedicated links.

Tree Topology - Tree Topology is a combination of the bus and the Star Topology. The tree like structure allows you to have many servers on the network and you can branch out the network in many ways. This is particularly helpful for colleges, universities and schools so that each of the branches can identify the relevant systems in their own network and yet connect to the big network in some way.

Ethernet IEEE 802.3 - is a working group and a collection of IEEE standards produced by the working group defining the physical layer and data link layer's media access control of wired Ethernet. This is generally a local area network technology with some wide area network applications.

Token Ring IEEE 802.5 - Token Ring is a LAN protocol defined in the IEEE 802.5 where all stations are connected in a ring and each station can directly hear transmissions only from its immediate neighbor. Permission to transmit is granted by a message (token) that circulates around the ring....