Conflict Is Natural

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Conflict is something that everyone encounters and also challenges those who experience it. It also tests people in extreme and distressing ways. Depending on their values conflict can be either constructive or destructive. Equally when judging peoples actions we need to recognise that peoples response to conflict vary for many reasons and people act in a variety of ways when they encounter conflict.

When we judge peoples actions we need to be aware that peoples response to conflict vary for many reasons. Peoples professions may require the people to be in a certain way. Senior constable Peter Morris Umber was bashed and killed with his PR24 baton when he stopped a robbery suspect named Richard. Peter Morris displays strong values when encountering conflict. Which demonstrates his commitment to protecting people.

Similarly fear is one of the many causes of conflict. We see a clear example of this in the novel ‘The Crucible’. Abigail Williams the niece of Reverend Parris acts in a ruthless manner. After being caught dancing in the woods with the girls, Abigail William of her fear from punishment tries hiding, however resulted in chaos through Salem, as well as the witch trials. Using this situation to her advantage she threatens death to any girl who goes against her and sends 19 people to their death beds accused of witch craft. She also lies throughout the crises to get what she wants and incriminates people such as Elizabeth proctor just to be with john Proctor. This demonstrates that Abigail’s fear of getting caught stemmed disputes, showing how fear tends to bring out our true characteristics when encountering conflict.

Individuals retort to strife in a range of ways. Peoples beliefs, needs, and values can determine a person’s response in times of conflict as well as their true charisma. 27 year old Matt Mcquinn shows bravery and boldness as he heroically dove infront of his girlfriend and sibling to shield them from the gunfire in a movie theatre. Matt...