Crazy and Wild

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Bad Girls: Crazy & Wild

Today people’s values are expressed a lot through television and through music. Television has a very large impact on the way of right and wrong throughout the world. It reflects on the different thoughts of their audience. There are extreme amounts of television shows, and a portion of them happen to be reality shows. The Bad Girls Club is a reality TV series that airs on the Oxygen network. The basis of the show follows 7 women who display issues that consider themselves all “bad girls.” While these ladies are in the house they are supposed to achieve different goals. According to Wikipedia, the show targets girls in the age group of 18-34. The television series the Bad Girls Club influences young women in a negative way with their bad manner, verbal, and social skills.

In season 6 of The Bad Girls Club there were 7 girls by the name of Jessica, Kori, Lauren, Charmaine, Nikki, Ashley, and Wilmarie. Out of the 7 ladies all of the girls had a bad manner except for one. The one girl who is not included in the seven was Charmaine. In the beginning of the show she acted like a teenage girl left in high school, but at the end of the season she began to act like the 27 year old lady she was supposed to be. Nikki was the one who was considered to be the worse out of the 7. She was a pest that used elementary strategies to harass her roommates. By her doing these things she is telling young girls that it’s okay to act 10 when you are really 21. When watching this show you think that all young ladies are perceived to act in a childish manner.

The way that these girls speak towards each other is disgusting. For some reason they fail to speak towards themselves in an educated manner. Instead of doing such, they verbally abuse each other and eventually begin to react in a physical manner. Every lady in the house refuses to value the opinions of one another; it’s either their way or no way at all. Nikki played football back before she came...