Military Woman

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Everyone has a wheel of life, a cycle. Most people are aware of their wheel but they don’t really make it a focus. Your wheel of life is yours, its individual. Obviously you have people who are a part of your life but ultimately the wheel is yours. I didn’t really think of my wheel of life until this project was assigned. Going through the process of this project I had to evaluate my life and where I am at this point. To pick 9 words that define me took a lot of effort. To get the 9 words I had take a deep look at who I am. I thought about my personality, my habits, my relationships and my strengths and weaknesses. I thought about life in general. It made me think of the sun, without the sun there would be no life. I thought about the 4 seasons, how our lives change with each season. After picking the 9 words the search for pictures was easy. I wanted to make sure that the pictures had a powerful impact and made a statement. I have respect for the individuals I have chosen to represent me. The images represent experiences that I have had and also the experiences that are yet to come. In my Picture Essay I provide a definition with a brief explanation of each image. In essence this is a snapshot of who I am and the life I live.

I have a long and short term career dreams. My long time dream is for one day to become a District Attorney and my short term dream is to become a Deputy US Marshal. I think that I will do very well with the Marshal Department because of all of my training I did with the US Marines. In either position you have to be a Gentleman, meaning you have to carry yourself with respect and honor so people around you will respect you. In these fields you need to be forthright and deliberate, you need to be a step ahead in all aspects. We learned in the Marines; as long as you are a step ahead you could control any situation, good or bad. You also have to be mischievous so it could help you with the stress that comes with the...