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Blog Analysis

The blog located at is the official blog of Frontier Communications a provider of cable TV, internet, and telephone. The following research aims to answer two major questions; first, does this blog reach its intended audience and, second, is this blog effectively achieving its purpose. This blog is specific to Frontier’s west region which includes California, Oregon, and Washington. It also covers a broad range of company specific topics, like new channels available to local charity events and even national news events, such as the Olympics.

The first purpose for is apparent in the newest blog post entitled “Frontier Communications to Carry PAC-12 Networks,” this post is written in a way to excite the customer about this new set of channels they are about to receive. To the average person this may not be an interesting topic but looking deeper it’s very fascinating. The PAC-12 networks are a set of channels devoted to college football in a conference that includes 12 football teams. This post places an emphasis on just how elite and exclusive it is to have this set of networks stating “FiOS TV from Frontier will be the only place where fans can follow all the exciting college action of the powerhouse Pac-12 Conference.” This effectively relays to customers the new value in their service.

The second purpose of this blog is to entice new customers. While it is not as prevalent it seems to be a big part of the Frontier’s blog. This point can be best proven in the post “Frontier Communications and Hughes Announce Wholesale Agreement to Provide Satellite Broadband Services.” Where Frontier is introducing its services into a new geographical area, and does a particularly good job of persuading new customers towards choosing Frontier by stating “we would be the better local choice for this area.” This posting also concludes with a phone number and web address...