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/Gleicel Joyce T. Martinez


Mrs. Dra. Victoria Valenzuela chosen our section to entertain the Japanese students from Kansai University. When I heard it, I feel the excitement because we’ll have a new Japanese friends. Before we meet the Japanese students we prepared a food for launch because this is the task that milky chosen and we also prepared a program to make them fun.

August 28, 2012, we already met the Japanese friends at CICT Reading Center in Bulacan State University. Milky started by hosting the program. Japanese student introduced themselves to us, and also we introduced ourselves just like what we do every first meeting of new people. Then we played the game “BAHAY, BAGYO, BABOY” this game is fun, because in this game we start to communicate to them, we explain the mechanics of the game with them. After that game we also played the newspaper dance, at first I don’t want to join but lastly I forced to join in that game because Tomoyoshi Urano have no partner so, I have no choice to refused. ☺ All of us had won and we also played the “trip to Jerusalem”. After that game we decided to eat the food that we prepared for them and they’re like it very much. We rest for a while and we gave an intermission number. (sing, and dance). And after we perform the Japanese students are also dance that their prepared for us. And before it ends the program we played the “Calamansi Relay and Talong Relay”. After the program, I’m so excited in overnight together with Japanese. This is my first experience to sleep over with them. We prepared a dinner and we eat together. We played the game (I don’t know if what is called this game) that they taught to us. I’m so happy, it’s very enjoying to play this game. It was so good to be with them, because of that we know each other(a little bit). Yurika is so nice to talk with her and she’s so kind and