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The three possibilities where “Neptune Gourmet Seafood” could enter the mass market are as follows :

1. Becoming the Supplier of Choice within 500 miles of its Fort Lauderdale headquarters.

2. To provide 10% and 20% extra depending on quantity of purchase.

3. Movement towards central & south America.

Review Statement :

Becoming the supplier of choice within 500 miles of Fort Lauderdale headquarters :

Being the supplier of choice within 250 miles the company has made a third of its sales, so doubling the miles would cover more number of best restaurants and big cruise lines which would increase the company sales and also an option to enter new market leading to growth of the company, provided the company should increase the number of staffs, incurs high transportation costs, uncertainty of customers behaviour to the new product, competing with the top players of existing companies in that region and also providing long term credit policy to the new distributors.

To provide 10% and 20% extra depending on quantity of purchase :

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Idea of providing 10% and 20% extra would increase the demand in market leading to high sales and also attract new customers to buy the product, thereby increasingly decreasing the stock at inventory. On company's point of view providing extra quantity means savings for the customer or value for money that they shell out to purchase the product. At same time there could be an adverse consequences like customers assume to be it of a superior quality. Company should also be acceptable for initial losses if it occurs by investing in new labels with discount percentage printed on it and not much new customer are attracted. Though keeping in mind the present customers constant.

Movement towards central & south America :

launching of products in different geographical regions like Central and South America would diversify the business leading to expansion and overall growth in a brand new market which would intern...