Sta Travels

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STA Travels

Tourism and Hospitality Reservation Systems (Tourism): STA Travels

STA Travels

STA Travels, owned by the Diethelm Keller Ltd, a swiss company based in Zurich, provides cheap and affordable travel to students, youth or budget groups worldwide. It has branches all over the world in 75 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Africa and many more. They believe in offering genuine advice and great deals and not just sales talks or air fares.

Most of the people that STA Travels cater to are between 18-29, who desire a great deal which includes learning about themselves and the world. These people hate to be catogorised, ignorance or apathy and are really passionate about travelling.

To connect with the world, STA Travels uses a reservation system which not only books airline tickets, and hotel rooms but takes care of every little need of the person travelling like meals during the journey, or any other special requirment he/she might have. This system is knows as Saber, which is used throughout the world by airlines, railways, hotels and travel agents.

As mentioned above, STA Travels not only provides airline tickets but also provides booking at 3-5 star hotels, and includes buses and railway tickets at the lowest possible rates, both domestic and internationally. It is the “sole member of the Student Air Travel Association (SATA) and also hold the International Air Travel Association (IATA) accrediation” (STA Travel LTD,2009) which enables them to offer their clients with discounted rates, and be the only one in authority to offer them International Student and Teacher Identity Cards and also the International Student Youth Card (ISYC).

STA Travels is such a vast company, that it has devided its functioning in five parts namely:

Flights: This company can offer more than 100 airlines to travel in at discounted rates. It is a one stop shop for customers who need great travel deals....