Travelling Historian

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Travelling Historian: A History of Art and Time

Ralph Bianco

Axia College

Historically art was a form of self expression that appealed to others through symbolism, vulgar details, breathtaking imagery and a creative use of colors. The earliest forms of art were cave paintings that were illustrated on the walls of caves. These aspects of design were very symbolic and focused on the true beauty of their time. Since the introduction of art into history it documented and displayed millions of pieces that capture a moment in time.

As I journey onto my first destination, I must say that I was excited and thrilled to be able to have this experience. My first stop along my journey was studying the Islamic Civilization and their architecture. The Muslims political and cultural center was the Fertile Crescent of ancient Mesopotamia. When the caliphs of Damascus created governors they had controlled the territories that were then established into dynasties. Since the caliphs built things on a larger scale the first Islamic buildings can be found in the Middle East.

In 685AD Umayyad Khalif built the Dome of the Rock. It was the first Islamic building that sits in Jerusalem. This unique architectural shrine was commissioned for ‘Abdul Malik ibn Marwan as tribute to the Triumph of Islam. Its gold dome is 20 meters across the Noble Rock and sits 35 meters above it. Later, within the 16th century, Suleiman the Magnificent had the Qur’an verse ‘Ya Sin’ inscription commissioned on the 240 meter structure. By having the inscription placed upon it traces all the way back to ancient Islam. The building sits on what was once the Temple of Solomon that was built by the Hebrews in ancient times. It was then destroyed by the Roman emperor Titus in 70. The platform is now known as the Noble Enclosure. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally came face to face with this massive building. As ancient as it is it still remains looking brand new. I learned that the buildings...