Seminar Reflecting

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Paul Salandy

Senior Seminar

Seminar Reflection

Some of my biggest challenges within Senior Seminar throughout the year has definitely been actually finishing the longer assignments and completing them. From twelve pages, to ten pages to four pages, all of these assignments are rather long and not an easy task to complete. These matters take time and effort, as a matter of fact, a lot of both of these essential necessities. Also another challenge of the Senior Seminar class has been definitely the issue of deadlines. I have never been good with or a fan of deadlines, many times you can find myself rushing to complete my paper the night before without any sleep. The deadlines sneak up on the writers within this class, before you know it BAM! Your paper is due the next day, a full twelve pages, in 12 point font, in Times New Roman and double spaced. Thats Senior Seminar for you, it requires a lot of patience, responsibility, effort and motivation. This is why for my successes within the class of Senior Seminar, I most definitely would say is actually completing these papers and accomplishing getting a 90 or above on all these works of my own. This is no easy feat, it is a extremely draining and difficult task at hand but when you receive that paper in your hand with that red circle around a 98, you cant help but smile and ponder to yourself, “It was worth it.” Thinking back upon my senior academic year, I can’t help but smile upon it. I have slacked off a majority of times and taken many of my classes for granted but at the end of the day, I am on track to graduating with many good grades at hand. I started off strong last semester as always but you can never escape the grasp of Senioritis, it may appear in many different forms but never forget its presence. This has definitely been one of my challenges, to actually complete my assignments while battling the deadly case of Senioritis, as well as balancing a job, and my responsibilities as the “man...