Ethics Article Review

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|1. |Read the materials listed on rEsource for Week One. |

|2. |Ethics Article Review |

|  |Using the Internet, the Electronic Reserve Readings (ERR) for FIN 324, and/or other sources, locate an article |

| |discussing ethics in accounting and financial decision making. Prepare a 350-700-word review of your selected |

| |article. Address the following items in your review: |

|  |Briefly summarize the article. |

| |Relate the article to the assigned reading for Week One. |

| |Discuss how the concepts of the article relate and/or apply to your organization. |

| |Make recommendations for improvement for your organization based on the article. |

| |Explain the importance of ethics in accounting and financial decision making. |

| |Properly cite the article in your review. |

|These assignments are due in Week One. |

“Ethical analysts in demand” is an article published in November of 1999 in Victoria, British Columbia. The author of this piece, Barry Nelson, describe the necessity of ethical financial analysts in the Canadian industries. This paper will summarize the article and will further discuss its implications in the future of ImageMaker Advertising Incorporated. The paper will also make recommendations for improvement of ImageMaker regarding the subject. Finally the importance of ethics in...