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Course Outline

Department: School of Management

Course Number: BCAP1200

Course Title: Business Computer Applications I

Semester Year: 032012 Credits: 3

Days: M/T/W/TH/ONLINE Section: 003/007/008/WO1

Classroom: L103 Hours: 4 Hrs. Weekly

Lecture/Seminar/Lab Hours: 4 Hrs. Weekly

Instructor Contact

Name: Jeannette Marchand

Office (Room No.): B253j Phone: 604.323.5854

Office Hours: As Posted. E-Mail:

Course Description


A comprehensive course which provides hands-on micro-computer experience and exposes the student to applications and software packages commonly used in industry such as Windows, MSOffice 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access), Internet, and Email. A theory-based overview of hardware, software, and computer fundamentals is included.

You can access D2L by logging into the Langara College Website… Click MyCourses tab… and on the bottom Left … click MyD2L homepage. Then select the course you wish to look at.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Become familiar with the micro-computer keyboard, video display terminal, central processing unit (CPU), and printer.

2. Understand and become familiar with computer systems, and computer hardware and software components.

3. Become familiar with the following software: Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Internet and Email.

4. Feel more confident in their use of computers, and some programs.


There is a BCAP1200 text package (New Perspectives) available through the Langara Bookstore. If you have your own Microsoft textbook copy that would suffice. Students can look up their course textbook list through the Textbook portal under MyCourses.


A hard copy of the course exercises is recommended and are supplied under Course Content in D2L under Course Exercises, Program...