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5.Describe the modern practices and emerging trends related do technology, design and security issues involved in e-commerce.


eBusiness (electronic business) is using technology to improve your business processes. This includes managing internal processes such as human resources, financial and administration systems as well as external processes such as sales and marketing, supply of goods and services and customer relationships.

The way in which you manage your business relationships has not changed but the way they are referred to when using eBusiness tools has. They are becoming more often known as:

Business to business (B2B);

Business to consumer (B2C) (also known as Ecommerce);

Government to consumer (G2C); and

Government to business (G2B).

Activities using eBusiness tools include:

Trading of goods or services online, such as eProcurement, primarily through Web sites;

Electronic retailing (eTailing);

Use of the Internet, Intranets or Extranets to conduct research and manage business activities;

Web site marketing;

Online communications, such as eMail; and

Online training for staff (eLearning).

eBusiness tools include:

Mobile phones;

Personal digital assistants (PDA);

Electronic Data Interchange;

File transfer;


Video conferencing, internet, intranets and extranets.

eBusiness and Your Business

eBusiness is more than having a Website for your business. Using eBusiness tools can make your administrative and operational activities more efficient through:

Accessing the Internet to source information about your industry, suppliers and products and for general research;

Streamlining your 'traditionally' physical transactions into electronic transactions, for example online banking, financial management, stock control and compliance reporting to regulatory bodies such as the Tax office.

Purchasing and selling without a Web presence by using eMail or eFax;

Human resources management,...