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Admittedly, charity organizations are increasingly playing a vital role in modern society with increasing number of disasters, worldwide diseases and other grand social issues. Under this circumstance, some people hold the opinion that charity should mainly aid the individuals who are really in great needs rather than the citizens living in their countries. Actually, in most cases, I agree to it.

There is no denying that supporting persons who belong to the location of charities in need is profitable in many aspects. For one thing, having understood the real situation of people waiting for aid, charities have the abilities to make a much wiser and reasonable plan to give favors more efficiently. Furthermore, this kind of aid shows us an access to track every coin, concentrate on each effort, evaluate the results of the project and make progress from practice. In addition, to promote the standard of people in need is to promote the standard of people in country. That is, from the effort made by charity organizations, the number of vulnerable groups will highly decrease so that overall level of living is able to advance to a higher step.

However, the major purpose of establishing charities is to help someone who needs aid and spread the faith of love and mercy. From this point, it is better explained by the way of aiding individuals who are in need than the ones just living in their country. Moreover, it is our duty and obligation to make the world we live in better and full of care. However, the efficiency and transparency of the money which is donated to other country is not able to be guaranteed in this way, even though it is sent from a good starting point. Consequently, the charities leave much to be desire.

In conclusion, the fact that a person really needs help is priority to be took into consideration rather that his nationality and other elements. Of course, many efforts ought to be took and operation of charities should be supervised to ensure the money...