Rehearsal 2.2

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Rehearsal 2.2 Assignment

2. Write down the language you would use to capture two potential values of an analysis of your own organization or of the organization you are considering as a focus for an analysis.

The language that you can use to capture two potential values of analysis in an organization is called SWOT analysis. This is a strategic planning method that is used by most organizations to evaluate the company. It captures the strengths, opportunities, limitations or weaknesses and threats. The organization that I am considering is Facebook. Facebook has several strengths and opportunities but it also has its fair share of weakness as well. Some of the strengths being that it is a successful social networking site that allows people to stay connected and business to get seen. It has a weakness though that a lot of people don’t like and could end up potentially hurting the organization because of privacy issues. Facebook is releasing a lot of the users information to businesses, which is good for the businesses, but the people do not like it. Conducting a SWOT analysis can really help your business out when it comes to your strengths and weaknesses.

3. You might consider possible problems you currently perceive in the organization and describe how a cultural analysis would help you better identify solutions to these problems. Or you might reflect on current changes being considered or implemented and ways a cultural analysis would help in the process of change management.

A cultural analysis could help the organization better identify solutions to several problems. I could improve the change management process by uncovering cultural strengths and potential problem areas. When conducting a cultural analysis you want to find out what your employees or your customers or consumers strengths and weaknesses are, you want to know what problems you might run into with either of them. Culture analysis can also provide reflection on the relationship...