Tm 564 Management of Wireless Systems

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The manager of a small mobile wireless network has hired a consulting group to field concerns about expanding his network in the interests of his employer who wants to offer a more reliable service experience and offer more up-to-date multimedia services. These inquiries are in an effort to reduce network quality of service issues and system availability to his conventional subscribers. To combat these performance fluctuations, the management of the system engages in a philosophy of over provisioning the network for compensation. These efforts are intended to corral user loyalty by providing service with enhanced quality and a better multi-featured experience for his customers and to migrate future subscribers to his already established customer base.

Problem Statement

The mobile wireless organization has been trying to increase its subscriber base by offering multi-feature data services such as Internet access, e-mail access, music and video streaming and also video conferencing. The network, however, has been plagued by simple voice communication issues such as dropped calls and network availability. When calls can be completed they are often hampered by quality of service issues that make the calls unintelligible. The purpose of the consultation is to rectify these voice quality issues by determining if they stem from network capacity and data transmission problems or if there exists a condition where there is improper coverage to service his well-established subscriber base.


Circuit-Switched Transmission

To better understand the concept of how mobile wireless voice works, it is necessary to have a comprehension of the differences between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks. The traditional method of routing phone calls on a public switched telephone network involves circuit- switching. Phone calls are routed or switched at the local telephone exchange site's switching center or central office and directed to the...