Management and Information Systems

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Management and information systems

Chapter 1 Managing in the digital world

Knowledge workers; typically professionals who are relatively well educated and who create, modify and/or synthesize knowledge as a fundamental part of their jobs. The increase of knowledge workers and with their rise in importance and leadership a knowledge society (The digital world) would emerge. Possessing knowledge became extremely important.

Downsides of the digital age;

- Knowledge workers will be the first to be replaced by automation.

- Digital divide causes a division between people with or without access to information technology

Waves taken place in the past: Agriculture and handwork > Industrial revolution > Information age > some people think cloud computing will be the fourth wave.

Being computer literate (knowing how to use computers) is not sufficient these days, you can distinguish yourself with computer fluency; the ability to independently learn new technologies as they emerge and assess their impact on your work and life.

Evolutions of globalization

Globalization; the integration of economies throughout the world, enabled by innovation and technological process.

- Economic changes; increasing in international trade, in the development of global financial systems and currency and outsourcing of labor

- Cultural changes: Multiculturalism, international travel and tourism, immigration etc.

- Technological changes: low-cost computing platforms and communication technologies. Internet, Skype etc.

Globalization 1.0 (Medium sized world): Countries globalized 1500-1800, Europe and America

Globalization 2.0 (Small sized world): Companies started to globalize, easier communication 1800-2000, Europe and America

Globalization 3.0 (Tiny-sized World): People globalized, worldwide 2000-now

Key factors globalization 3.0:

* The fall of the berlin wall

* Release of the Netscape Web Browser

* Work flow software; different software is able...