Face Book Ipo Plan Executive Summary

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Xiang Ji

Face book IPO plan executive summary

I suggest that our company and the board of directors starting the Initial public offering launching plan of Facebook, from today.

Business mission

Our mission is to make the world more open and connected.

Facebook's original intention is not to create the company. Initially established in order to achieve social purposes and thought to make the world more open and connected.

Our society once again reached a critical point. We live in a society that the Internet and mobile phone are available to the majority of people around the world. These are precisely the original tool which allows people to share ideas, feelings and plans. Facebook are excited and determined to establish such a service, providing people with a shared platform to help people change the existing core system and social sectors once again.

Society urgently hope that every corner of the world are linked, this is a huge opportunity, it will give everyone the right to speak, and can help society change in the future of mankind. To achieve this goal, technology and infrastructure will be unprecedented, and we believe this will be the most important issues we face.

Business model & Advantages

How we create value to users

Our primary goal is to construct an attractive product, to help users

* Connect with your friend

* Discover and learning

* Self-expression

* Control shared information

* Experience though the whole Internet

* Keep in touch with your friend by mobile device

The foundation of social network

We firmly believe that the mobile network including the Internet is evolving and become more social, personalized. Such evolution has created a more valuable experience for people, relationships and interests as the core; we believe that the following elements constitute the basis of the social networking

* Real ID

* Social Graph

* Socialized released

How we create value to developers through Facebook...