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Elizabeth Nhati

Management 3301

Professor: Wang Yingchun

Reflective Paper

April 12 2012

What we do Is Influenced By the Principle of Management?

The principle of Management touches in every aspects of our life. We managed our time, finance, education, relation with family and everything we do is period of the principle of management. Management is sometimes used in our everyday lives without understanding it. It is first used in the business areas, many organizations use it in order to make their companies function. Management is made up and defined in four core management functions. The first of the four core functions is planning.

Planning is the purpose or the objective of what is wanted to be accomplished or achieved. It also involves ways of techniques that could be used in order to obtain what is being wanted to reach the object. The second function in management is organizing. In this function, the leader of the organization who is responsible and who is organized its resources to get a great achievement for the goal of the organization. In the organizing function of management, the work and the jobs that are to be carried by what people are given out. The leader of the organization that is going to be in control is also started in advance if a problem or question arises during the project or work that is to be done. The leaders of the organization should know how to lead their resources and leading is ways that the person in charge of the organization motivates its employees by different kinds of initiatives in order for them to perform the task needed and by trying to resolve any issues that arise during the operation.

The last function of management is controlling. It occurs at the end of the task that was performed and it also used to compare the tasks compared with what was wanted in the initial starting point of the task and fixing and taking actions to any problems that may have occurred. It is used to control the over all aspects of the...