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My Storytelling Experience

Storytelling is something that most of us do in our daily lives. There are always events or situations that we would like for others to know. Sometimes storytelling could just be a way to entertain other people, most especially kids. The following is my recollection of how I told a story to a group of small kids.

So the crowd I told the story to is very close to me. They were my little cousins; four of them ranging from 9-12 years old. This took place at a family gathering we had not too long ago. We were all bored, and the kids wanted me to share about my first driving experience. They all wanted me to share this particular topic because I would always tell them that driving isn’t fun. They always disagree because they are so eager to start driving, and they think it’s “so cool” to be able to drive. So then I shared about my first driving experience. As I was getting started, I took a moment to recall my experience. I believe that a storyteller should be able to share a story without any long pauses to recall the story, so I tried to remember everything before I started. It was a very significant event, so all I had to do was organize the thoughts inside my head to make sure I did not leave any details out. It was very spontaneous but relaxed, and the kids would ask me questions while I was talking. It is a challenge to stay on track amidst the distractions, but as a storyteller focus on the story is a must. Most of the time, I would try to make the kids laugh by adding funny jokes about the situation and they seemed to respond very well. I believe that incorporating jokes will make the story more remarkable, harder to forget and of course more entertaining. The main message I was trying to give was that driving for the first time is frightening and entails a lot of responsibility. By the end of the story, I made sure to put emphasis on the main message. The kids seemed to like the whole experience; they all laughed, asked me...