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Case Study Analysis

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Key Problems

Potential new hires with improper or incomplete documentation are a key issue which must be addressed before any further action is taken. ABC, Inc. has strict standards that must be upheld in the hiring process. If Carldoes not have completed applications and transcripts, he should not move forward with the hiring and orientation. Doing so could put him in an ethical dilemma, and this type of irresponsibility could cost him his job. Carl needs to partner with the associate who is responsible for new hire paperwork and ensure the problems are corrected as soon as possible. Once each applicant’s file is complete, then Carlmust ensure that the applicant reports for mandatory drug screening. Carl must obtain these results before these candidates can officially be hired and attend a training seminar. Carl’s ethical duty is to make sure that this step occurs; otherwise it may look as though he was not following mandated company protocol and guidelines. Carl must handle these issues, even though he will have to reschedule the orientation.


Proposed Solution

Carl has two weeks before his originally scheduled orientation date. Before he even begins to consider continuing to pursue that training, he must have the files complete. Carl should approach Monica and be straightforward. Carl should let her know that he will need to push back the orientation. This shows that Carl is taking responsibility for his actions and that he is taking the job seriously. This gives Carl the time to make sure each applicant has a complete file, and each applicant has time to complete the mandatory drug screening. This ensures that company policy is being adhered to and will not cause any ethical dilemmas. This also allows Carl to be able to set a date in July for the meeting room, and to obtain proper materials for his orientation. Although Carl may not want to admit his mistakes, it is...