Abortion Issue

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Should abortion be legal?

1. What is abortion? Abortion is the killing of an unborn child using medical procedures and treatments. Abortion is only allowed to be attempted at a certain stage of pregnancy. Abortions should be kept legal in the United States. Women must have the right to choose if they don’t want to have a child or they want. A strong argue is that exist the possibility that the woman may  get raped and no one wants to have the one child from a brutal moment. Every time when she will looks at the child the mother will remember of that moment. Abortion could also save the life of the mother. If abortion is not legal will not be safer for mothers because will be more self done abortions which can lead to big medical problems. Other reason is that the mother needs to have an abortion due to the fact that she has medical problems or her child and because of this she may lose her life. There are also moments that having abortion legal is good for young girls that could get pregnant.

   2. First, one of the most important reasons for abortion is to be kept legalized is the possibility that girl to getting raped. Some rapes could result with pregnancy on the victim. The fact is that there are no victims out there that want to get pregnant by the one that rape them. Having to bear the unwanted child will hurt emotionally the victim and the victim's family. And the victim may not be ready emotionally or finantialy for a child.

    Second, women have the right to choose to have a child or not. A child may ruin a woman's career or her daily life. Of course, some mothers don't have the time to take care of a child. Sometimes the woman is not ready for a child yet they still are at schools and not finished their educations. In addition, having a child means being more active in the child's life and some women don't have enough time for that and they may want more time for themselves. 

In history and to different countries, people had done self-induced...