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To penetration China Market, Nike needs a suitable strategy to set up business. The company can select some strategy like strategy planning, strategy formulation, strategy evaluation and selection and strategy implementation. Each strategy has a other characteristic so the company must analysis carefully before apply for company.

Strategy formulation:

To practice this strategy, the company or organisation must know carefully about role of strategy, mission, vision, etc. Besides, Leadership skill is also vital to serve customer demand. Environment auditing is also influenced to strategy like political, economic, etc. While the company practices this strategy, they need to use some tools such as: SWOT analysis, Ansoff matrix etc. Finally, the company selects best way to develop product.

Strategy planning:

This strategy helps the company have a clearly goal. The company will know all internal and external elements of company with some small strategy like strategic thinking. It helps the company measure needs of customer and maintains competition advantage. Base on planning systems to approach behavior of customer and find feedback. Besides the company also consider strategic planning issues and strategic planning technique like use BCG growth-share matrix, SPACE, PIMS, etc.

Strategy implementation:

The company will select suitable strategy to practice. Use all source of company like finance, team, produces to complete common objective. Activity of implementation influent to success of company such as: Resource allocations, review, evaluate. The company will receive information about timescales, progress to improve implementation and have a strategy better for next planning.

Strategy evaluation and selection:

This is very important element of company. The company must consider and review some target to choose best market and penetrate market. Limited growth is vital when the company meet difficult. Give a new strategy to develop and select appropriate strategy...