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Schedule A – Scope of Support Poptastic |

Description of the GrowthAccelerator Service The primary objective of the GrowthAccelerator service is to help businesses realise controlled, accelerated growth. |

Description of the company’s growth opportunities and challenges (free text)The Company is a start up company looking to launch a popcorn-based product into the retail sector. The Luxury popcorn category is currently growth market and is very established in the US market. Existing larger brands are starting to develop products in this area and the company is looking to develop popcorn based cereal bars and cereals in this sector. |

Scope of Work – Each work package below includes the set of deliverables as agreed at the Growth Potential Assessment meeting Work package 1 – 40% of coaching timeDevelop a breakthrough strategy business– create a 3-year vision of where the company wants to be, using the Orbit planning tool Develop a breakthrough game plan for the business – devise a 12-month plan detailing the ‘vital few’ objectives for the company and how these objectives will be achievedWork package 2 – 40% of coaching timeDevelop a Product Development Plan identifying what products will be made through gap analysis and market research. Who will make them and how? Identify the routes to market, target consumers and retailers and the business model and financial options for launch.Work package 3 – 20% of coaching timeDevelop a Marketing & PR Strategy to include review of packaging options, branding and cost effective ways to develop the brand. Identify a marketing budget for different growth strategies developed. |

Other support, includingWorkshops – attendance at 6 x half day workshopsConnectivity – Connection & introduction to be made relevant businesses Reaseheath food innovation hub, MMUGrowth Community – Agreed to join peer network – details of local groups to be sent by AM |

Timescales, roles and responsibilitiesThis coaching intervention...