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Cyber Security Risk and Threat Management

MSIT 3710 - Fall 2012

Course Syllabus

Course Description

Come learn the latest cyber security risks, threats and approaches to combat cyber attackers that you can begin incorporating into your Information Technology planning, delivery, operations and skills that will differentiate you and your career. In keeping pace with the speed of business, information technology must remain reliable, cost effective, enable new business capabilities and at the end of the day add strategic value. Many career professionals and organizations addressing these challenging now have an added hidden risk. The element of cyber security that if not fully understood and applied correctly could impact your career, organization and end customers through unwarranted cyber breaches. Cyber and Information Security Risk Management have emerged as one of the fastest growing business concerns impacting all industries, regardless of size. This ever growing risk is costing organizations millions, raising government concerns in passing new stiffer legislation, and has created an 80 billion market opportunity by 2017.


Eben Berry, MBA

Phone: (774) 270-5138


Required Text

Even Wheeler (2011) Security Risk Management; Building an Information Security Risk Management Program from the Ground Up, SYNGRESS, USA. ISBN: 978-1-59749-615-5


Class Participation and Attendance 20 Points (20%)

Weekly Assignments 15 Points (15%)

Mid-Term Exam 10 Points (10%)

Final Exam 15 Points (15%)

Final Team Project 40 Points (40%)

Final Individual Project (Optional) +5 Points (5%)...