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The story I read was how people in the United States are losing their homes due to back taxes as low as 400 dollars. It is very important to make critical evaluations on news stories in order to make a non-bias opinion on the facts or information that was read. This story was very easy to understand and left no room for investigation. It went into proper detail of how this is happening, why it is happening, and plans to try and stop it from happening. It seemed to me that all the facts were reported without fail, which makes thinking deep into this matter nonexistent and very easy to understand. The story used a few different perspectives in a sense; the issues that are being confronted were investigated nationwide and not just in one area leaving me to believe that no stones were left unturned with the argument of the story. There were no assumptions being made in this article. It was all facts which makes all the information read believable without question. There was only one implication in this story and that was that people were getting treated unfairly with losing their homes due to lack of information of back taxes. Unlike some stories or articles this story was to a specific point instead of making it seem like they were trying to lead the reader from one opinion to another. If that was the case, it is important to realize, understand and evaluate both arguments and pieces of information to come up with a logical opinion on understanding what you are reading. It is important to make distinctions about the article or information being read to properly evaluate it. Doing this allows you to understand in a whole what the information is trying to get across and allows you to generate a more appropriate opinion on the keys points being presented.