Hard Rock Cafe Global Strategy

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Hard Rock Café Global Strategy

Answer 1:

At the beginning Hard Rock Café started in England, during the rock boost as a café which offered rock music, live. Since then their main strategy has been expansion. They have been chosen wisely where to place other Hard Rock Cafes, depending primarily on tourist picks. Therefore they would analyze ‘hot’ cities where a Hard Rock could be established. However, in recent decades this has changed in two ways. Firstly, they have started taking into account political and social factors of such locations in order to guarantee a better success. Secondly, they realized that their main income were tourists, so they decided to establish Hard Rock Cafés in other locations which are not standard tourist’s destinations.

Focussing in what Hard Rock Café offers, their strategy has basically always been to provide something different than other theme restaurants to their guests. They’ve wanted the guest to enjoy their stay as well as the food. To make this possible, they have studied each region separately trying to adapt the menu provided to that particular location. To create an ‘experience’ they have invested a high amount of money in creating a visual and acoustic scenario perfect for their guests to eat and enjoy, like decorating with rock memorabilia, live concerts, etc… To finish they’ve introduced into their ‘experience’ their own merchandise, unique in each location which is a great idea and provides a huge income to Hard Rock Café.

Answer 2:

• Goods and services design: Depending on the region, the meal is different, as it has been particularized for each location.

• Location selection: They started with 1 café and they then decided to expand to tourist locations. They then started taking into consideration political factors and ended up choosing non-tourist destinations, too.

• Supply-chain management: New Hard cafés where placed on new locations further apart between them each time,...