Deep Water Horizon Spill

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The Deep-Water Horizon Oil Spill.

The Oil and Gas industry is one of the most important industries in the world today mainly because of growing demand of oil and gas. This demand is increasing day by day and there are more and more companies entering this market. One such company is British Company (BP) which is been for quite a long time. BP dates back to 1909 when it was originated as a subsidiary of Burmah Oil Company and was named as Anglo-Persian Oil Company before being renamed as Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in 1953 and finally British Petroleum in 1954. BP the fourth largest company in the world is a Public Limited Multinational Oil and Gas Company with its headquarter situated in London, United Kingdom. BP despite being such a big and global company has been involved in lots of environmental and safety incidents, one of the largest such events being the 2010 Deep-water Horizon Oil Spill.

Deep-water Horizon oil spill happened at the Gulf of Mexico, near Mississippi river delta, United States. The spill was a result of the explosion of the Deep-water Horizon which gave rise to the oil gusher which eventually led to an oil spill. The Deep-water Horizon is semi-submersible mobile offshore drilling unit, and at the time of this oil spill it was drilling an exploratory well at a water depth of approximately 5000 feet. The spill amounted to around 4.9 million barrels of oil leakage. The explosion killed a total of 11 men and injured 17 others. The spill had a vast damage; it affected the wildlife and marine habitats as well as the fishing and the tourism industries. The oil spill still has its marks which is adversely affecting the marine life. Recently in April 2012, alarming number of mutated crabs, fish etc. have been found which are considered to be the result of the chemicals released during the oil spill.

After a lot of investigation into the case, BP and its partners were accused of making a lot of cost-cutting decisions and of not having enough system to...