U06A1 a Private Concert

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Preparing for this assignment I sat down with my husband, son and his wife and my daughter along with my three grandchildren to listen to this CD and get my ideas of the songs along with everyone else.

Listening to the whole CD a few stood out for me that I picked to use for this assignment. The choices were Palestrina, Haydn’s symphony number 94, and Bridal chorus from Wagner's Lohengrin.

Listening to Palestrina my first selection it brought me the feeling of great balance and harmony. Reading the text it said he balances upward movement of the melodic line immediately by downward movement. Bishop (2011) So when I listen to this piece I could feel the music go from high notes to draw you in and then soft notes that brought a very peaceful feeling everyone felt while we where listing to this selection.

Second choice I picked was Haydn’s symphony number 94. Listening to this piece it was exactly like the text in the book said. It started out fast moving, following by a slow lyrical movement, then a graceful dance in moderate tempo, the finally fast with an animated forth movement. Bishop (2011) I could tell how the music is so soft with fast movements and it seem to draw you in then you hear peaceful and playful sounding part of the music and then all of sudden loud and fast movement that gets your attention and holds it for a few moments then the music goes back to being slow and peaceful again. This song to me is playful and whimsy, it draws you in with everything being so low at the beginning with the slow beat and then towards the end of each section the tempo picks up and draws you in to see what the next selection of the piece of music will be.

Third choice I picked was Bridal chorus from Wagner's Lohengrin. Listening to this pretty piece drew me in from the start with the church choir singing you could feel the love and romance from this piece of music from the start of the song. It was hard to read the text in the book because the composer Verdi...