Christmas Celebration Concert

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Overwhelming, there was simply no other way of putting how I felt about the Christmas Celebration Concert. That night was a magical one. It had exceeded beyond what I expected. This concert was the annual event of my church. As I entered the hall, the first thing that caught my attention is the big giant Christmas tree with a shiny gold star at the top located at the centre of the stage. Walls and seats were decorated with beautiful ornaments. On that night, everyone wore in red as this is the night to celebrate. When I looked around, everyone is busy chatting with their friends. The atmosphere was noisy.

The concert started with an attractive opening dance. Later, the band called “A4J” came in and took the stage. The first song they sang is “Blessing Christmas”. This was a fast song composed by the vocalist in the band. It introduced the meaning that Christmas is not about Santa Claus or roasted chicken. It was a blessing from god. Therefore, we had to appreciate it. The vocalist was very energetic as he jumped and moved up and down on the stage while singing. As I looked around, everyone was also jumping, waving their hands and shaking their heads.

One of the songs that touched me is “Joy to the World”. I was overwhelmed by its lyrical melody. Correspond to the song’s name, happiness and joy filled the atmosphere. Feeling of peace and serene encountered everyone. This song reminds me about my happy childhood, the time when I was little, the things I come across while growing up. It definitely helped me relax. All my problems and worries had gone away. I really enjoy these moments. It made me realize that life is short. What we can only do is celebrate it, enjoy it, fulfill it.

Throughout so many performances, the one that caught my attention the most was the solo vocalist named Carmen Wong. She sang a Spanish song, which was “La Primera Navidad”. She had a beautiful and powerful voice. Her voice exceeded the high range which was rarely heard. Her voice was...