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As a student I have learned that the internet can be by primary place upon to which conduct primary research. The internet has transformed how we do secondary research. Before the internet research meant having to search through abstracts and research articles, and copy the information on a copy machine. Today we have the ability to do much more through the internet.

For current information, you can either set up a personal web search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and or the university library if you’re a student with University of Phoenix. Think through the information that affects your topic that you are researching. You want to choose a creditable site when researching your topic. You should be aware of the articles contained in the article in their data base could be biased. Being able to conduct a successful research through the internet is the ability to conduct searches on a specific topic that generate the information you are looking for in an efficient manner. You want to avoid slang words, or typing in a few words in different search engines to see what is out there. The most effective way is to have an idea what you’re researching and what you want out of your research.

To find the information you are looking for you need to understand what information you can obtain, where the information is most likely to be found, choosing the right search engine or databases, Narrow your topic make a list of items that interest you about the topic, consider what others have said There are also a number of other databases that can have the effective information you are looking for here are a few examples:

* Online News Papers.

* Online index and Journals such as

* Online Resource Library’s such as

* Online Data Base for Individual Use

When searching a data base, understand how the search works. Using the appropriate text content and following search rule are important steps in...