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Marketing Management Cases

for Solvay MBA VB 6th

27 September 2012

Dear students,

Welcome to the Marketing Management cases!

Please find the table below the time schedule for our case studies. We have 4 cases, allocated from Tuesday Oct 2nd to Friday Oct 5th.

For each case, a powerpoint file is associated that gives you questions for discussion. The questions cover the main issues of each case and in some occasion, they are also hints for the discussion. Please feel free to ask additional questions for further understanding.

Please read the case and follow the questions to get ideas for the discussion in the class.

Two weeks after the class, i.e Oct 19th (deadline), each individual student is requested to submit a writing report that gives answers to the questions of the four cases and submit to folder (Refer to: Solvay-ULB Vietnam > JPB_NDT_MBAVB6 > Documents and Links > Case_study > CaseReports under your e-learning portal). Please be sure that your submission is by the deadline of Oct 19th, 2012 and only those are graded.

We wish you a good time studying,


Nguyen Duc Tri

Day Case title SUMMARY

Tue, 2nd Oct

(18pm-21pm) Rosewood Hotels and Resorts: Branding to Increase Customer Profitability and Lifetime Value

Chekitan S. Dev; Laure Mougeot Stroock DESCRIPTION

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, a small luxury private hotel management firm running a collection of 12 individually branded hotels and resorts in multiple countries, was wondering how to foster customer retention and loyalty and capture the maximum value from its 115,000 guests. Rosewood had always allowed each hotel to stand as its own individual brand, with the Rosewood name presented as a muted sub-brand, if at all. Now Rosewood's new leadership was contemplating whether the firm should significantly increase the prominence of the corporate identity, making Rosewood a corporate brand. The main challenge that Rosewood's executives face is to assess...