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There is quite a bit of information that an organization must look into before they undertake a task such as outsourcing a media like photography. The organization must weigh out the pros, cons and legalities before pursuing such an endeavor like outsourcing. Outsourcing can either be the right thing to do, or it could come at cost. In order to get the job done right, an organization must really do their homework.

Outsourcing something like photography to a business takes a lot of thinking. There are many pitfalls that an organization can run into. When looking for an outside source to do photography, management must look at key elements of the studio doing their photography. Like are they a large or small business. Either way the organization must also consider if the business will be around for the long hall. The organization is basically putting in a lot of time, information and effort into this business, and to have it close its doors could be catastrophic. If the studio is in business with the organizations competitors there could be certain security risks involved. Maybe the organization is working a big campaign and it would ruin it if their competitors get any information. This could also lead to legal issues for the studio and the organizations competitors, such as copyright infringement, but that is an issue for later. Let’s get back to cons or disadvantages of outsourcing photography. Another possible issue that an organization could face when dealing with a photo studio is loss of control. This could happen if the studio doesn’t really know what the organization want or needs. Also if there is not very much collaboration between the organization and the studio. One last important detail not to overlook when outsourcing is the possible effect it will have on the organization itself. The mere mention of outsourcing is taboo in the business world. Depending on where an organization outsources, it could have an adverse effect on the public relations of...