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There are a vast array of potential careers available within the hospitality industry. A few of the ones that intrigue me would be theme park manager, manager of an entertainment company, general manager of a hotel or resort, and director of recreation at a resort. These may all seem like unconnected job choices at first glance, but the connection for me lies in the fact that they all deal with happy experiences that people have and they all would give me the chance to be a positive power in controlling whether or not a guest’s experience is pleasurable. A managerial job that most people do not typically think of that could easily be achieved within five years of graduation would be master of ceremonies at an event.

My dream job would be manager of an entertainment company. This job combines elements of the hospitality industry with aspects of the music industry, causing an interesting work environment that, I feel, has the best of both worlds. This job is interesting to me, because I want to be able to bring people that “wow” factor at an event. Music is a very important part of an event’s experience; as Tierney (2205/2006) says “WOW factor can be achieved through...and also the use of speakers, lights, and music” (paragraph 1). I also like the idea that my decisions can affect a person’s experience at an event and hopefully I can direct their experience in a positive way. I am fascinated by the powerful influence that the media, especially in the form of music, has on people’s emotions, experiences, and memories. The responsibilities of this job include “contracting talents for events, installing audio-visual digital signage, and putting up background music systems” (San Pietro, 2009, paragraph 1). It also involves “product development and securing partnerships with music clients and vendors” and dealing with a variety of clients-pairing each event with the right DJ or entertainer so that the event can have maximum success (Prendergast & Lujan, 2005, paragraph...