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You will be introduced in class to the basic concepts of: Wikis, RSS Feeds, Web 2.0 and the new collaborative nature of the web. Remember that lab assignments are self-directed tutorials. You are expected to make an effort to learn by yourself, with the help of your professor and TA. There will be Lab Sessions in the DMS Computer Labs during which the TA will assist you and answer all your questions. The schedule for these sessions will be posted on the course website.


Here are some links to get you started on this assignment as well as to help you add your own personal touch to the final product:

A) The ADM 2372 wiki:

The “ADM 2372 Wiki FAQ” lists frequent questions the TA receives regarding the assignment. The “Octavian G. Petrescu” link gives a sample completed assignment for consultation purposes.

B) A wiki tutorial from Wikispaces:

This tutorial shows you how to perform most of the marked tasks in this assignment.

C) Wikitext tutorial for wiki code editing:

This tutorial introduces you to the raw code editing of a wiki. You will be using wikitext when you insert a table of content, RSS feeds, Youtube feeds, etc.

D) Wikispaces help file index

Everything on wikispaces is documented in detail here.


There are a few instances when more than one person will be editing the same page at the same time. When this occurs, everyone but one person will receive a warning message telling them that somebody else is editing the page. If you receive this warning, STOP editing and try again in a few minutes when the initial person will have finished.