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According to Martin Lindstorm, Neuromarketing cannot answer about consumer’s thought but it can be understand how people’s unconscious minds drive their behavior and this book can explain radically why people buy under the neuromarketing perspective and can be directly affect companies and consumers and he explained that revolutionary, complementary and inspirational approaches plays a significant role on neuromarketing science with consumer’s buying decisions. Also, author expleained that traditional methods cannot able to answer and find solutions for decision and marketing processes in that situation neuromarketing can find solutions. So, these three approaches explain how neuromarketing affect consumer’s buying decisions. Firstly, Revolutionary approach fills in the blanks that exist in our brains and this approach for future solution for marketers about consumer’s buying decisions. Furthermore, complementary approach will useful with neuroscience methods like fMRI and it can measure on emotional response of consumers. Finally, inspirational approach plays an essential role for companies because they need to do their marketing and selling strategies for their consumer’s wants, needs and values depend on conscious and unconscious thoughts. In my opinion, traditional methods will go to wipe from marketing strategies; however, buy button will play a crucial role and people will more curious about neuromarketing and its stages and how it can affect people’s buying decisions and emotions.

2) In the Buyology which is written by Martin Lindstorm and the most attracting example for me from this book is “Sex and Advertising” topic and its message about if there is uncertainty about choosing sex and beauty, why marketing companies and advertisers pay attention to them. According to author, marketing companies and advertisers must pay attention to consumer wants more than sexuality or popularity and every sector prefers to choose this kind of ads for selling their...