Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a roadmap for businesses to use in guiding the organization in the right direction. Without a plan in place there is no doubt the business would not know how to maximize its effects. Managers need to make daily decisions that have major impacts on an organizations direction. Strategic planning is one tool that can help them guide the organization in the right direction. This will guide everyone in the organization to work toward the same goals and gain the most profit. Strategic planning can dictate the success of any organization if properly planned, as well as the failure of an organization if not implemented properly.

The children transportation business is an ideal industry where strategic planning can help bring any company to the top. Asbury Children Transportation is a new organization that is in the leading the way in the children transportation industry. Asbury Children Transportation aims to providing a safe, licensed, inexpensive, but high quality transportation for parents and their children. The business focuses on contracting area service agencies like daycares, preschools, before and after care programs, and school aged sporting events like practices and games and recreational services that do not provide transportation to provide a second alternative for parents.  Strategic planning will provide perspective into the company’s image, while creating an image of how the company is expected to operate in the future, both long term and short-term success will highly depend on the effectiveness of strategic planning.

The main goals of children transportation businesses are to provide transportation alternatives for children whom parents are working or occupied with day-to-day responsibilities. While growth is the goal of many small businesses, it can be a very challenging goal to achieve. This business seeks to achieve growth by expanding transportation service to other communities like Lake Asbury. Effective...